Thursday, February 15, 2018

New Telepathics drop well fruity album

Our Hallelujah Picassos bandmate Darryn Harkness has been working away on a brand new album by his outfit New Telepathics (in addition to playing in Loud Ghost and the HPs - busy chap!).

The album is called The End Of War. He says the album is "a powerhouse of punk ethics and intense groove, drawing upon the avant-garde, electronica, soul, dub, afrobeat..." In other words, it's well fruity!

New Telepathics are playing live in Tauranga at the Woodcock Festival on February 17 and at Splore on February 24.

They've been described as "a vigorous synthesis of some of abiding influences: the cosmic vision and sound of Sun Ra's Arkestra, a touch of Afrobeat and James Brown funk-goes-rap, left-leaning politics...

"With a large band of guests (singer Sandy Mill,saxophonists Jeff Henderson and Nick Atkinson among them) and African vocalists Nuel Nonso and Phodiso handling the chantdown rap, influences from waiata, Congotronics, dub and more, this has a roiling energy..."

Sunday, December 3, 2017

New single for summer, out Dec 5

Press release - New Hallelujah Picassos single sweetens up your summer

The Picassos return from their studio hibernation with a brand new ditty, just in time for summer. Happy Smile (Naive In Joy) is a gentle, lilting, guitar and keys take on alt/indie pop.

The song is inspired by The Peasant Dance, a work by the Dutch painter Bruegel. In this case, the Picassos are minstrels and troubadours meandering thru the landscape of the painting.

This tune follows on from their most recent EP release, Bullet That Breaks The Key, and single Dirty Suits, and is the latest step in the journey towards a new album for the ensemble, due out next year.

Happy Smile was recorded at Tone Exchange, engineered by Darryn Patterson Harkness, and written and produced by Hallelujah Picassos. Mastered by Angus McNaughton at Auralux. Released on Loopy Fruit Recordings, 2017. Cat no PCORP008.
Released via digital on December 5, 2017

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New Picassos single out Dec 9!

Hallelujah Picassos are back with a ripping new single, Dirty Suits. Having spent a bunch of time in the studio this past year, the Picassos return with a song that’s a companion piece to Hang All Bankers off their last recording, The Bullet That Breaks The Key EP.

Originally written by the band’s singer Roland Rorschach with Darryn Harkness (current Picassos bass player) and first performed with Darryn’s band New Telepathics, here the Picassos reinvent the song, breathing new life into its twisted soul. The song follows themes from the EP, talking about money, politics and corruption.

Out December 9, 2016 on digital thru Bandcamp. Watch the video below.

Dirty Suits was recorded and produced by Darryn Harkness and Hallelujah Picassos at the Institute for Telepathic Research. Mastered by Angus McNaughton at Auralux. Cover art image/video directed & edited  by John Pain.

Friday, September 9, 2016

New video, single, coming

We've been busy in the studio, and have finished a new single, coming soon. We shot a video for it last week, time to suit up!

Monday, May 30, 2016

New from Pains People

"Two new tracks mark the end of painspeople's time in Malaysia; Callossum's Table and shadness. The rest of the tracks are archival and were recorded between 2004 and 2012 in Auckland - New Zealand, and Batam - Indonesia."

Monday, May 11, 2015

Pains People newie

Some cool new music from our man Johnny Pain, have a listen

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015

One Love: The Very Best Of Aotearoa Reggae, out now, feat Hallelujah Picassos!

This cool new compilation aims to pull together a cross section of our nation's affinity with reggae, going back to the influence felt from Bob Marley's historic 1979 concert here.

You get early local pioneers Herbs (a great early cut, Dragons and Demons, later sampled by Che Fu, who also appears here), Aotearoa, and Dread Beat and Blood, thru to 90s acts like Upper Hutt Posse, DLT and the Mighty Asterix (who came up with the Twelve Tribes of Israel band and also appears on the Unitone Hifi track, a hugely underrated voice on the local reggae scene), Salmonella Dub and my own band Hallelujah Picassos, and  contemporary acts like Fat Freddys Drop, the Black Seeds, Cornerstone Roots, 1814, Kora and many more.

The compilation is out now on 2 x CD/digital on iTunesAmplifier etc


1. The Black Seeds – So True
2. Fat Freddy’s Drop – Roady (feat. Ladi6 & P Digsss)
3. Katchafire – Get Away
4. Salmonella Dub – Problems
5. Herbs – Dragons & Demons
6. Sons Of Zion – Good Love
7. Cornerstone Roots – Is It Real?
8. Upper Hutt Posse – Ragga Girl
9. Soljah – Message
10. House Of Shem – Thinking About You
11. David Grace & Injustice – Rua Kenana
12. Tomorrow People – Take It Away
13. 1814 – Jah Rastafari
14. The Twelve Tribes Of Israel Band NZ – Tribulation Soldier
15. Three Houses Down – She’s My Woman feat. Spawnbreezie
16. Paua – Crazy Bout You
17. Unitone Hifi feat. The Mighty Asterix – Guiding Star

1. Six60 – Don’t Forget Your Roots
2. Kora – Politician
3. Che-Fu – Fade Away
4. Tiki Taane – Faded
5. Dread Beat And Blood – I Unity
6. Rhombus – Clav Dub
7. DLT feat. The Mighty Asterix – One Love
8. Hallelujah Picassos – Rewind
9. Tahuna Breaks – Empower Me
10. Unity Pacific – From Street To Sky
11. dDub – Comfort
12. Aotearoa – Sweet Child
13. Knights Of The Dub Table – Small
14. Sweet & Irie – Sunshine Reggae
15. Southside Of Bombay – All Across The World
16. Brownhill – My Girl
17. Aotearoa Reggae All Stars – Sensitive To A Smile

Thursday, October 16, 2014

New EP reviews...

Praise Be NZ Listener Sept 27 2014 Review by Jim Pinckney

"It's generally not good news when bands reform. The motivations are invariably financial or related to ego reinflation, and the results can sour the sweetest musical memories.

Fortunately that isn't the case with Auckland's Hallelujah Picassos, whose cross code adventures confused, delighted and occasionally appalled audiences from the late 80s to the mid 90s.

New EP Bullet That Breaks The Key shows they've lost none of their barricade manning fire. As ever, they remain the magnificent exception that proves the rule."

AND one more, from Australia.....

HALLELUJAH PICASSOS -Bullet That Breaks the Key EP (Independent) 4 Stars

By John O’Brien,

"Of all the band reunions in recent years, this is one of the most welcome. Hallelujah Picassos’ fusion of ska, dub, hip-hop, punk and pop was one of the most refreshing sounds to come out of the Land of the Long White Cloud and they left fans fanging for more when they disbanded nearly 20 years ago after just a handful of albums and EPs.

In the past few years they’ve resurfaced with a best-of collection and EP of rarities and now this four-track EP. Technically there are only two new tracks, but it’s a good cross-section of their eclectic style, from the tropical melody and harmonies ofSalvadore (Miles Away From You) to the repetitious rant of Hang All Bankers, to the hypnotic dub remakes of Cracked Salvation (based on 1992’s Crack Dub) andSalvadore Dub Asylum vs. Pains People Remix. 

It might be but a taster of things to come but it’s great to hear them back in the game. An underappreciated part of New Zealand’s indie scene, they deserve wider attention this second time round."

Friday, September 12, 2014

Bullet That Breaks The Key - New EP out now!

Press release: "Following on from their insanely catchy new single Salvadore (Miles Away From You), released in July to widespread acclaim and much aroha, Hallelujah Picassos return with a brand new digital EP. Available now on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amplifier.

The four song EP features Salvadore (Miles Away From You) in its original form, plus a special beat-heavy remix of Salvadore by Dub Asylum (Peter McLennan) vs Pains People (John Pain).

Salvadore has featured extensively on the playlists of BFM, KiwiFM, Radio Active, RDU and Radio One, and appeared on the top ten charts voted by listeners of BFM, KiwiFM and RDU. It jumped from #10 to #2 on the BFM Top Ten this week!

Next up, one of their early numbers, Crack Dub (off their debut album Hateman In Love), gets reversioned by the band as Cracked Salvation, a warm, mellow, dubby number, and then we have a raucous, noisy guitar tune, called Hang All Bankers, lyrically inspired by the 2008 financial crisis, and how our politics is ruled by money. It’s a battle cry for the huddled masses. “Let karma be your hell-hound…”

Money, politics, and corruption are themes that runs thru some of the songs featured here. The EP title refers to the key to Pandora's box, and the mythology around it.

The EP was recorded and produced by Daryn Harkness, John Pain and Hallelujah Picassos at the Institute for Telepathic Research, and mastered by Angus McNaughton. Cover art image by Erin Forsyth. Released on Loopy Fruit Recordings, 2014. Cat no PCORP006